Lesson 5 - Anticipation

Lesson 5 - Anticipation

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Wait for it… wait for it… here it comes… aaaaand… ACTION!


Actions are way more exciting when there is a period of anticipation leading up to them. Sure, you could animate a character standing up straight and then jumping into the air, but the action is more exciting and impactful when there is a second or two of the character squatting down in preparation to spring high into the air. It is that short period of anticipation before the jump that makes it more engaging to watch.


In lesson 5, I will teach you all about the concept of anticipation in the movement of your characters and how you can add much more liveliness and excitement to each movement by infusing your animations with this principle. I will do a demonstration of exactly how to do this with our friend, Tig, and you can follow along using your own character and watch them spring to life!


Letter from Instructor

Hi class, welcome to Pomeroy Art Academy! I’m so excited you are going through this course. With a lot of practice, patience, and persistence, I know you will be able to sharpen your animation skills. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @pomeroyartacademy and use the hashtag #pomeroyartacademy so we can see and share your work!