Lesson 6 - Arcs and Silhouettes

Lesson 6 - Arcs and Silhouettes

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Have you or your friend ever done the robot dance? It’s fun to do and fun to watch because when you move like a robot, your movements are very stiff and jerky. But people don’t move like robots in real life. So what is it that makes real life movement have a fluid, smoothness to it? It’s all in the arcs.


In this lesson, I will explain how to notice arcs in natural movements and how to infuse them into your character’s movements to enhance their actions. I will also dive into the principle of silhouette, and how it goes hand in hand with your character’s movements and poses to create animations that are easy to understand and entertaining to watch.


Some new concepts you will learn in this lesson are:

▪ How to enhance your character’s actions by using arcs

▪ Staging your action for easy readability

▪ What is silhouette and why is silhouette important?

▪ How to test if your character’s silhouette is good or not


Letter from Instructor

Hi class, welcome to Pomeroy Art Academy! I’m so excited you are going through this course. With a lot of practice, patience, and persistence, I know you will be able to sharpen your animation skills. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @pomeroyartacademy and use the hashtag #pomeroyartacademy so we can see and share your work!