Lesson 8 - Character Design

Lesson 8 - Character Design

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What makes an appealing character design? It’s more than just drawing skills. Creating an appealing character design requires an understanding and awareness of several components.


In this lesson, I will take you through the process of creating a unique character from the ground up. You will see examples of many different types of character designs and understand why each of them is such a good design despite all their differences. You will also learn about all of the steps that are crucial to the design process, before even putting pencil to paper!


Get ready to take notes and settle in for an in-depth lesson. Some important aspects of character design you will learn in this lesson are:

▪ Uniqueness

▪ Personality

▪ Human characters vs. animal characters

▪ The importance of sketching

▪ How to write a character bio


Letter from Instructor

Hi class, welcome to Pomeroy Art Academy! I’m so excited you are going through this course. With a lot of practice, patience, and persistence, I know you will be able to sharpen your animation skills. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @pomeroyartacademy and use the hashtag #pomeroyartacademy so we can see and share your work!