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2D Traditional Animation Webinar

This Webinar Took Me
50 Years To Perfect

I've compiled everything I've learned in my career at Disney,
Warner Brothers, & many other studios into this 1 Hour Webinar

Click Below to Secure Your Spot!

When Is It?

My first ever Live Webinar is next Wednesday, December 6th
at 7PM Central Time

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign Up for a Free 7-Day Trial of Pomeroy Art Academy to gain access to the Free Webinar. 

Who's This Webinar For?

Anyone who is interested in becoming a better Animator or interested in the art of animation!

Do I Have To Pay?

If you're still not convinced that Pomeroy Art Academy
is the right fit for you, you can 
cancel your subscription before
the trial expires and you won't be charged!

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