Lesson 2 - Advanced Inbetweening

Lesson 2 - Advanced Inbetweening

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In lesson 1, you learned the fundamentals of inbetweening and did an exercise using a very simple character. In this lesson, we will delve deeper into the process of inbetweening in animation.


Now, you will take the next step as you in-between and animate a head turn of our friend, Tig, whose design is much more complex. Take a look over my shoulder as I walk you through the process of inbetweening one step at a time, explaining what I am doing as I go.


I will give you tips along the way explaining what is the best and most efficient way to make your drawings so you will develop good habits that will help you in your process. In addition, I also address some common questions most beginning animators have such as:


• Why do animators usually shoot on 2s and what the heck does that even mean?

• What is a model sheet and why is it important?


Letter from Instructor

Hi class, welcome to Pomeroy Art Academy! I’m so excited you are going through this course. With a lot of practice, patience, and persistence, I know you will be able to sharpen your animation skills. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @pomeroyartacademy and use the hashtag #pomeroyartacademy so we can see and share your work!