Lesson 12 - Animate a Run Cycle

Lesson 12 - Animate a Run Cycle

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Okay, now that you have learned how to make your character walk, guess what we are going to learn next. You guessed it, a RUN cycle!


The process of animating a run is very similar to the process for animating a walk. You will apply the same animation principles and will create your drawings in the same order. However, there is one big difference between the two cycles that I will explain in this lesson.


Just like we did in lesson 11, I will animate a full walk cycle and show you one drawing at a time how to plan your extremes and breakdowns. We will also look at the different effects we can achieve by shooting our run cycle at different frame rates to add variation to the movements. Get your character ready and take a run at it with us!


Letter from Instructor

Hi class, welcome to Pomeroy Art Academy! I’m so excited you are going through this course. With a lot of practice, patience, and persistence, I know you will be able to sharpen your animation skills. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @pomeroyartacademy and use the hashtag #pomeroyartacademy so we can see and share your work!