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John Pomeroy

Instructor of Animation

John Pomeroy is an animator with almost 50 years of experience, a producer, illustrator, painter, and University Professor. John was employed by Walt Disney Studios in his early 20’s and worked on features such as Pete’s Dragon, The Fox and the Hound, Pocahontas, Fantasia 2000, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Treasure Planet. John and his partners founded their own animation company in 1979 to produce features like The Secret of Nihm, The Land Before Time, An American Tail, and video games like Dragons Lair and Space Ace. Currently, he freelances for many studios like DreamWorks, Netflix, Disney Toon Studios, and Warner Bros on films like Kung Fu Panda, Klaus, the Tinkerbell series, Tom & Jerry, and Space Jam: A New Legacy. 


Glen Keane

Guest Instructor

Glen Keane is a notable animator, producer, and director, with almost 40 years of experience. He has worked on many Disney features such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Tarzan, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog, and Tangled. Glen started his own company in 2012 and has since collaborated with many other studios and creatives to produce features like the Academy Award-winning animated short, “Dear Basketball”, and the Academy Nominated Netflix feature “Over the Moon”.


Mark Henn

Guest Instructor

Mark Henn, Born in Dayton, Ohio, has, for over 40 years, lived his boyhood dream of being an animator for the Walt Disney Studios. During that time Mark has worked on some of the studio's biggest hits including, "The Little Mermaid”, “The Lion King,” and” Frozen”. In 2000 Mark made his directorial debut with the award-winning short film John Henry. He currently lives in southern California with his wife Debbie. 


Tony Bancroft

Guest Instructor

Tony Bancroft is an animator, director, author, and podcaster with over 30 years of industry experience. He worked on features including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and was a co-director for Mulan. Bancroft has most recently started his own animation and studio and worked on Stuart Little 2, Toto, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and Netflix's Animal Crackers. Currently, he teaches animation as the Program Director at Azusa Pacific University.


Ron Husband

Guest Instructor

Author (Quick Sketching with Ron Husband), award-winning illustrator of the book (Steamboat School)/magazines, and retired supervising animator (Disney) will join the Pomeroy Art Academy as a guest instructor teaching Introduction to Sketching


Ben Rische

Guest Instructor

Ben Rische has been an artist in the animation industry for over 8 years. He is currently the Head of Story at Steamroller Studios and has had the opportunity to work with companies such as Brazen Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Riot Games, Warner Bros, Toys for Bob, Epic Games, Method Games, Yowza, and SCEA. In his off time, he works on his own side projects, sketches whenever he can, and hangs out with his beautiful wife and two (soon to be 3) crazy kids.


Jon Cantor

Guest Instructor

Jon D. Cantor has been serving the animation industry for nearly four decades. He currently practices at the Los Angeles based Law Firm of Dykema Gossett. He'll be addressing FAQ about contracts, franchise protection and many other legal aspects of animation production. If you're just getting started launching a production or service, this is the class for you : "Legally Animated"


Tom Bancroft

Guest Instructor

Tom Bancroft is a former Disney 2D animator that worked on 8 feature films, 3 Disney shorts, 2 features as well as 5 DVDs for Veggietales - Among those are Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Tarzan, and Mulan. For the latter film, he created the character of "Mushu" the dragon. Bancroft's two art instruction books on character design are used as textbooks on the subject at art schools around the world. He will be leading the course on "Intermediate Character Design" for Pomeroy Academy in the near future.


Phil Glasser

Guest Instructor

Philip Glasser is an American actor, voice-over artist, and film producer, with a career that started in the film industry at just five years old. Philip’s voice-over career started when he was cast as the voice of Fievel Mousekewitz in An American Tail. He went on to do voice-overs for movies such as A Troll in Central Park, The Pink Panther, and Frosty Returns. Live-action appearances include Full House, Boy Meets World, and Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Most recently Phillip has produced films such as Agent Cody Banks, Riddle, and Escape from Planet Earth.


Tim Allen

Guest Instructor

I am a Visual Development artist and background/layout designer working in the animation industry for 17 years on 2D and 3D productions. My adventure in design started in 1993, illustrating children's books. In 2004 I got my first layout position on "Fosters: Home for Imaginary Friends." I will be teaching Intro and Intermediate layout design.


Scott Christian Sava

Guest Instructor

Join writer, artist, animator, director, and part-time Hobbit, Scott Christian Sava as he talks WRITING AND CREATING ANIMATION PROPERTIES. From 16 bit game animation for Sega to animating the Power Rangers to being the artist for Marvel Comic's Spider-Man... Scott's career led him to writing and creating his own line of books which have turned into animated feature film such as last summer's number one animated movie in the world...
Netflix's Animal Crackers.


Len Simon

Guest Instructor

Len Simon started his animation career after graduating from Sheridan College in the late '80s. He was a Directing Animator for Sullivan-Bluth studios and Fox Animation, working on features like Anastasia and Titan AE. He went on to establish his own studio and worked on features including Prince of Egypt, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Curious George, Klaus, and Space Jam: A New Legacy. Len has also designed multiple video games like Epic Mickey 2 and Secret Life of Pets Unleashed.


Trea Bailey

Guest Instructor

Hi! I’m Trea Bailey, a freelance character designer and animator based in Franklin, TN. Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of working with many studios for TV and feature projects, so I’m excited to share as much as I can as a guest instructor for character design at Pomeroy Art Academy!

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