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Welcome to Pomeroy Art Academy!

It is my sincerest wish to be a good and Godly custodian of the skills I have developed during my long, 50-year career as an animation artist. Just like the Nine Old Men at Disney passed on their knowledge and wisdom to me, I want to continue this industry’s rich legacy by doing the same for you, the next generation of animation artists! Throughout my career, I have taken


everything I’ve learned from the Nine Old Men, as well as through experience, trials, tests, and sweat, and developed my own personal approach to creating life on paper and the silver screen. It has been my dream for some time now to reach students all over the world, from all experience levels and backgrounds, and share this knowledge with them. After years of hard work and planning, I am pleased to finally announce the launch of Pomeroy Art Academy, an online learning platform offering instructional videos in animation taught by me, John Pomeroy!

Whether you have never animated before or you are an industry professional seeking to hone your skills, Pomeroy Art Academy is for all ages and skill levels. To kick things off, we are launching our Beginner’s Course, containing 15 lessons where I will introduce you to the basics of animation. You will get to look right over my shoulder as I show you in real-time how I animate, teaching you everything you need to know one lesson at a time. You will learn about in-betweening, squash and stretch, drag and overlap, arcs, anticipation, and so much more! This course will prepare you with all the fundamentals necessary to create believable, smooth, and engaging animations.

If you are looking for an affordable way to learn animation at your own pace from a 50-year industry professional, Pomeroy Art Academy is where you belong. I invite you to join me and pursue your own passion for animation at Pomeroy Art Academy!

Your Instructor and Friend,

John Pomeroy


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