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The Anniversary of the Day I Left Disney

Today is a special day, my friends. It marks the 42nd anniversary of the day my friends, Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, and I left Walt Disney Animation Studios to start our own studio, Don Bluth Productions. During my time animating at Disney, Don, Gary, and I hit it off immediately. When we put our heads together, we came up with some real creative synergy that later led us to pursue our own venture as film creators and storytellers. Together, we created some classics that you probably know and love such as The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, and Dragon’s Lair. I remember this day 42 years ago so vividly as the three of us said our goodbyes at Disney and leapt into the unknown. It was bittersweet and scary at the same time but it was one of the greatest decisions we ever made. Here is a nice photo of us together with several other Disney animators that took the leap with us. Thank you to all the great artists that joined us and made our dream possible. I also remember that day well because it was Don’s birthday. Happy birthday, Don!


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